Why Animated Video is Better Than Just Video

Why Animated Video is Better Than Just Video

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We know that videos are amazing because they easily convey complex ideas, create a bond with your audience and maximize top-of-mind recall. But what about animation? Is animation better than live-action?

There are pros and cons in both, but animation has a few tactical advantages. For one, it’s cheaper to make making it more affordable. With many styles to choose from, animation can also draw more engagement. Let’s look at these in a bit more detail.

Why Animation is Better

Cost-Effective – No expensive actors, shoots, camera crews, locations and other incidental expenses, reducing cost of production significantly. Any location or action can be mimicked, be it an explosion, a unicorn or a trip to space; no blockbuster budget. Imagination is your only limitation.

No expiry date – Live action videos age faster. Aesthetics change with time; at times, rapidly. Editing at a later date can literally be impossible or cost a limb. Including or removing an object or person can negatively impact on quality. But with animation; that’s another story. Remember Toy Story? Finding Nemo? One word. Timeless. Adding or removing an object in a scene is not like Mission; Impossible. That’s the power of animation in keeping a message current, and relevant.

Flexible & Neutral – Be it a product, process, internal message, or PSA, you can approach it with ease. There is no need to worry about how the actor will be perceived or which background is ideal. Choose from funky, groovy, sassy to serious, nerdy characters in any perceivable environment. Neutral ground means the message is less likely to draw critique of bias. Thus, better positive engagement.

Visual Extravaganza – Depending on the style you’re after, animation can be incredibly simple or a visual extravaganza, enough to take anyone on an epic adventure. As attention spans get shorter, vibrant animation can be the right hook for a brand, be it a 15 sec Instagram video or a 2-minute curtain raiser for your sales conference or product launch.

Borderless – Go from the Sydney Opera House to the Pyramids of Giza and to the Statue of Liberty in New York in a single sequence. Animated characters can be positioned in multiple geographies and can speak any language. So, if your brand is global, you can easily create multiple versions without it looking artificial. Seen dubbed movies? (wink).

Animation – the Better Choice

We are not saying that live-action has no place. They do. In fact, animation can complement and add value to a live-action video. However, animation can be a winning choice whether your budget is $3000 or $300,000.

If you would like to create an engaging, informative and inspiring animated video, speak to our team of dedicated professionals, and we’ll work together to create a video that will impress, educate and inspire your target audience. Whether you after a simple motion graphic or 2D or well-detailed, life-like 3D, we are your team.

Drop us an email if you would like to see some of our work across multiple brands, technology and situations.

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