Who we are

Drawing on the strengths of an experienced team of dedicated creative professionals, we employ original storytelling, vivid digital animation to convey your message through engaging videos.

We are worldwide

Through our parent company, Loops, we enjoy access to a dedicated team of creative professionals and a wholly in-house video production and animation studio. Through our Australian office we handle client account management and servicing, while our teams based in Sri Lanka handle the development and creation of all our videos.

Our Parent Company

Loops is a creative-led integrated marketing solutions provider and is recognised as the leader in digital marketing in Sri Lanka. Based in Colombo, the agency works with a wide and varied client base that includes both local and foreign giants.

Creative Kiwi animation company in Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Loops, allowing us to leverage our parent company’s extensive resources. This arrangement ensures that we are able to handle all requirements in-house with zero outsourcing. Our special relationship with Loops allows us complete control over the entire creative process from conceptualisation to delivery; ensuring quality, consistency and access to a wealth of experience and expertise.